We Have the Technology to Salvage Water Bodies-UMaT Vice-Chancellor

We Have the Technology to Salvage Water Bodies-UMaT Vice-Chancellor

Professor Richard Amankwah, vice Chancellor for the the George Grant University of Mines and Technology has announced that the university has the technology to clear water bodies that have been polluted by the operations of illegal miners ‘Galamseyers’.

Prof. Amankwah mentioned this while the minister for Lands and Natural resources, Hon. Samuel Abu Jinapor (MP) , visited the university to solicit support to halt the menace.

“Research that we have done on campus shows that it is possible to clear these rivers. The tradition have been that we will wait, when the small scale miners have finished, the rivers will clear by themselves, but over the years it has not cleared, and I think we have to force the particles to settle, and we have the technology to do that. We are seeking your help to get this one done”, he emphasized.

Prof. Amankwah added that the university has 3 other things to offer in support of the fight to unsustainable mining practices in Ghana which includes a program dubbed ‘Catch Them Young’, which they seek to do in collaboration with Ministry of Education. He explained that that will introduce a module on sustainable small scale and artisinary mining in Ghanaian basic schools to be taught from Basic 4 in all the 70 mineral rich constituencies.

He also mentioned that they seek to institute a National Sustainable Small Scale Mining Awareness Day which will be marked on June 2nd annually to create awareness on the importance of mining sustainably.

Small Scale Mining School which will see trainers from the University going to the sites of small scale miners all over the country to teach them how to employ  sustainable mining practices .


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